Welcome to GO-Smart (formerly known as AGO), the online grants management system for the North Carolina Arts Council.
GO-Smart will be used for:
1) Organizations applying for the 2017-18 grant cycle.
2) Final reports for the 2016-17 Artist Fellowship awards.

Organizations filling out their 2016-17 Final Report can do so at the GO online portal at https://ncac.culturegrants.org/.


When you click save on the pages for Organizational Personnel, Audience, Board and Finances, text fields filled in with 0 (zero) will disappear. Do not worry, your zeros are saved in the system and you will be able to submit your application. DO NOT click on the "Did I complete this page?" link near the save button. This will permanently delete your zeros. You can check for completeness on the "Submit Application" page. This is being fixed, but in the meantime, thank you for your patience.

Helpful Hints
For PC users: The GO-Smart grant system works best with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape Navigator.
For Macintosh users: The GO-Smart grant system works best with Safari, Netscape, or Mozilla Firefox browser.

We advise that you craft your narrative text responses for grant application questions in a word processor before entering the information into the GO-Smart text boxes using the character counts for each question. If you choose to compose answers directly in the application form, please remember to SAVE regularly to avoid losing your data.

For more information about the general online application process, please view our webinar.

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